Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sketch 67 - Hope Adams

Not bad for Lucifer's daughter eh? Hope Adams is a character created by the amazing author Kelley Armstrong. Currently reading Living With The Dead. Sooooo good. I will admit when this character first appeared in the series it took me a while to process what she looked like. I wasn't used to reading stories where the main character was Indian (India). Armstrong first describes her as a Bollywood princess. But after finishing Personal Demon and now reading this one, I've come to really like Hope. This is what I picture her to be. She's suppose to be exotic sexy but can totally rock the t-shirt and jeans with black curls that hang to her middle back. So yeah!

Anyways Most of you can tell I got alot of reading done at work. Its so windy out where we are working Its hard to do anything without getting covered in dirt or having stuff blown away. My hands are also very burnt and sore so I'm off to go soak them before bed.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sketch 66 - Butterfly

Back to work with the county. I do really enjoy that job. Especially now that most of the irate drivers have been told off from last week and everyone today was quite nice and understanding about the work we were doing. At least on my side it was. I remember how bad it was at the intersection last week. Holy man. Anyways during the times there was no one around because we were working on a road out in the middle of no-where, I found an amazing looking butterfly that was having troubles flying in the wind on the open roads. I managed to hold it and bring it to the long grass where it got its bearings and flew off. Below is a picture of it, mind you mine had a bright red dot on the middle of the bottom part of the tails. It is a Giant Swallowtail Butterfly or an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.
Anyways it was a good day and I'm happy to be back to work at this job. Anyways I need a shower from the wind giving me a dirt tan. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Friday, May 27, 2011

blog hiatus for this weekend

Sorry for this but I will be working 11 hours tomorrow and 7 hours on Sunday then having to be up for regular work at silly o-clock in the morning so Sketches and blog will resume Monday!

Thank you for understanding! Love you all <3

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sketch 65 - Long Day

Blast from the past. This is a character design that no one has seen on the internet before so here you go. Work was everything today from bored out of my mind, to pleasant, bad weather, angry drivers, really pissed off drivers to the point of driving past me and racing through a construction zone.

Very tired. So I will post this treat for you . I think I drew it back in 2007? Was gonna be for Pyowaan but not sure any more. See you all tomorrow!

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sketch 64 - hello

My new/old hairstyle. Went back to this style. Wanted something quick tonight but ended spending more time on this then I had planned for. For Those wondering its Purtalic written in katakana (Japanese), then Tamakai in kanji (Japanese), my English name and then my English name in Korean.

Work today was short due to the rain. Spent a good portion of the morning playing fetch with a black Labrador that decided it was gonna be my friend. It also showed me how STUPID people can really be. We have construction ahead signs and detour signs everywhere and they drive up to me "whats going on?" "ummm . . . road construction . . . . need you to turn around and take the detour" like seriously . . . . I get a whole summer of that and "Why are you doing this road? I NEED to get to this place. Its an emergency (like registration at rabbit hill...)" oh well! Pay is great! 22 hours and its the same paycheck I got working 2 weeks at the bingo hall <3

Anyways bed time! Goodnight world. Love ya <3

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sketch 63 - tyrannosauruslexxx

British youtuber tyrannosauruslexxx . . . gorgeous lady with a wonderful voice when she does sing. It's a shame she doesn't vlog much anymore because of university. She is such a wonderful person and I really like watching her videos no matter the topic. Most of the time she just talks about random stuff but its still so interesting. I look forward to more videos! . . . please? lol

Not much to say about today except cut my hair (different fringe style) and dyed it a darker auburn. See how this color and style work for me. Should I update my profile pic with a new one? Might have to actually put make-up on for once . . .

Kinda nervous about tomorrow, we start construction tomorrow and it will be my first day flagging. Margaret said she would be there to help me for a bit which helps settle my nerves a tad. Also got some chicken for lunch tomorrow which I am gonna make into a sandwich! NOM NOM.

Anyways need sleep! So tired lol. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sketch 62 - FLuffeeTalks

Canadian comedian FLuffeeTalks is a vlogger who turns his vlogging into a show like Ray. Although unlike Ray, FLuffee talks about obscure news and viral videos. I would definitely say this is NOT for kids. Some of the news topics are a bit disturbing for younger viewers so yeah . . . Other then that he is frikken hilarious and I love his videos. On top of that he's not bad on the eyes ^_' If your reading this Fluffee I'm a huge fan from Edmonton!

Alright today I update the music of the week tab. Usually its only one song to maybe two but today will be 4! I just can't decide! Two will be k-pop, one English k-pop and one T-pop.

The two kpop ones are for SiStar씨스타19 - MaBoy and the new group Swincle (스윙클) - Shake Ur Body. SiStar's song and video . . . wholy cow those girls can move. Their dance is so hypnotic and sexy in a very innocent way. The new group Swincle . . . at first I was all like "uhhg new girl group" then the music actually started and I was pulled in. The song is so catchy and I am a new fan! Great vocals and the girls are gorgeous and not too thin. Definitely give them a go!

The English kpop song is from missA. Now Its hit and miss with me and this group. I loved their hit songs Good Girl Bad Girl and Breathe but the rest suck . . . until this song. They released a full English song and it's really good! For only 2 of them being semi-fluent in English their pronunciation is amazing. The song is really catchy and the lyrics actually make sense.

The Tpop song. For those that don't know what Tpop stands for, it is Taiwanese pop music. Sorta started getting into a few artists awhile back, but recently I fell for Min. Now I am not sure exactly how old this boy is (maybe 10-14?) but he is so ADORABLE. P.O.I. is featured as well and his debut song Connect is so good. I love it and can't wait for more from him. Also been getting into a group called KOTIC that are pretty good as well.

Anyways goodnight world! Love ya <3

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sketch 61 - nerimon

So nerimon a.k.a. Alex Day is Charlies flat mate. He is a funny sod and quite worth the watch and sub! Honestly I prefer Alex's singing compared to Charlie's better, but I do prefer Charlie's videos. Both are musicians and very funny. Although he might think he is going to be selling out by reading more of the twilight series, I think its not a sell out. A lot of his fans aren't twilight fans and loved watching him read and tear it apart. It was an interesting take on the book from a male-nonfan. I would be delighted if he started to read new moon. And so would a lot of his viewers. Oh well, either way I will continue to support him!

So not much to say for today. Did dishes and laundry and that's about it . . . lol. Dishes took about 5 hours to complete which is why I am now on the hunt for a cheap or free dishwasher so I can stop being one lol. My hands are so sore from all the soap, hot water and scrubbing. Anyways I'm off to enjoy the rest of my night relaxing. Tomorrow will be another Canadian vlogger who reviews obscure current events.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sketch 60 - charlieissocoollike

YouTube sensation charlieissocoollike is an English vlogger whom I stumbled upon by accident. It took me about a month to catch up with all of his videos (about 1-2 hours a day). The only complaint I have for his recent work is there isn't a lot of it! I understand that being an internet celeb keeps him busy along with his music endeavors but I think I can speak for all of his fans when I say PLEASE make at lest 2 video's a month? preferably more lol. WE LUV YOU!!!

So turns out I had the weekend off as well. A lot has been going on with the other job. I don't need to work there anymore and it could possibly endanger myself and or my crew and motorists by working this second job. something will get worked out though. Not much to say today. Although I think I finally found a new Chinese teacher.  Lanying Liu seems to understand my situation and work schedule. Hopefully things will work out with her.

Tomorrow should be a busy day for me. Most people who know about charlie, know about his partner in crime . . . which will be tomorrow's sketch. Time to do some work so ttyl.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Friday, May 20, 2011

no sketch today

. . . because I will have no time. Literally. Up at 5:30 am work at 7am-4:30pm then work 7pm-11pm.

See you all tomorrow with a British youtuber

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sketch 59 - Hey Nadine

Oh yeah! Representing! Canadian vlogger Hey Nadine. She does alot of music videos on that channel now and kinda moved her vlogging to her side channel. I started watching Nadine after I found her Warcraft videos. She travels a lot and seems like a genuinely nice and awesome person. One day I would like to meet her and all the other vloggers but I doubt I will lol. So many things I want to do before I die.

Not much to say about today. Another full day of garbage pick-up. Although Monica entertained us as usual with her crazy awesome self. On the way home however, Margret and I saw an accident happen. Was kinda scary! A red truck with a family (mom,dad,2 kids) was making a left turn like they were allowed to and some idiot in a grey truck sped through the red light. It happened so fast but it looked like the grey truck driver was distracted, maybe with a cell phone? Anyways it smashed right into the side of the red truck sending bits flying and the truck spinning off towards the major highway. Everyone seemed alright though which was good. Hope that grey truck driver got a severe punishment!

Anyways need to be up early for tomorrow so Goodnight World! Love ya <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sketch 58 - Wheezy Waiter

Team beard! Actually . . . drawing facial hair is a pain in the ass, no offense Craig! If he see's this, I hope you like it!  So yeah, I found Wheezy Waiter from watching MEEKAKITTY. Craig is really awesome to watch. He puts so much effort into his videos and you can tell he has a lot of fun. He seems to have a lot of confidence which I admire. Eventually I will start my vlog. This whole blog thing is helping me though. I can be personal and not have to be self conscious of myself. Like how some people can't say what they want to but have no problem writing in on paper. Actually today's episode of Explosion Wednesday (not sure if its a thing yet) scared the bejeebus outta me. Keep on rockin wheezy! We all love you.

Alright! Today . . . wow what a day . . . Barely did ANYTHING but so much happened its unreal lol. So tired too. I got to detail a huge road grader today. OMG that cabin got so hot my shirt was sticking to me after I was done and I was in the shade! I do not know how they can work in that thing for hours. After Monica and I were finished cleaning it, the driver was all like "this isn't mine . . . its too clean" lol. Made me feel good at least. Then had some flagging lessons and yeah whole monkey fingering a coconut the mosquitos. I swear I am gonna bathe in bug spray.

Lunch was fun. Was a county luncheon where the social club hosted a BBQ. I had the chance to catch up with an old friend Patricia. I haven't seen her for at least 6-7 years so it was nice to talk for abit. After lunch we did more garbage pickup on 5th street and thats when things started to get really good. Here I am working and I find a cut/torn piece of glove. It was only the first two fingers and the thumb cut in a diagonal. So I thought nothing of it and picked it up with the pincher and noticed it was kinda heavy. Now if it was windy like it has been I would have loved the weight, but there wasn't any wind today and was so hot I didn't want to be carrying any extra that I didn't need too. So looking in the finger holes for a rock, instead I find white . . . of a severed thumb! Man it was so gross. It was fairly old and you could tell it had been through the winter so I just tossed it in my garbage bag.

I wanted to mention something funny that happened at the dump with Monica but I think I will keep that an inside joke between Margaret, Monica and I. When I came home I checked my email and I recieved my first blog related mail from a random person. Although it a failed attempt at trolling was still hate mail. Saying that I'm being a whore drawing youtubers to gain page views. Then at the end added that the drawing were awesome though . . . so yeah lol whatever. Honestly I got more page views when I was drawing my own characters. Oh well. I have my flagging test tomorrow so I will stop today's here.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sketch 57 - MEEKAKITTY

So youtube vlogger #2 is MEEKAKITTY. I found her through Ray. Her video's always make me smile. She is gorgeous, geeky in the best possible way and has this unique air about her that just makes you fall for her charm. Plus she is a natural red head!

Back to work today. Monnica and I have this pine-cone war going on. Its something to pass the time. Nothing really interesting happened except me being so very tired. Which is the reason this blog will be short. Tomorrow is a company BBQ so I will have something more to write about tomorrow.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

P.S. to all of those who are beard lovers . . . prepare yourselves for tomorrow! I have set my anti-eagle barrier set up just in case.

Sketch 56 - Ray William Johnson

So anyone know of Ray William Johnson ? I had a request to do my favorite youtube vloggers so I decided to start with the very first one I ever started to follow! His comedy vlog =3 is frikken hilarious and fell in love just after a few episodes. It can be a tad controversial at times, so if you are easily offended this may not be for you. If he ends up seeing this I hope he likes it. I'm proud to be one of your many fans!

So new video for today. Actually I am going to post two videos because I can't deside. Aziatix released their new single, Cold, and I am addicted already. Aziatix is a group of Korean music artists who came to the USA to study and formed a group. So far they are awesome and climbing the charts fairly quick! They sing in English so for those who don't like k-pop here is a treat for you.

The second video is Jay Park's new single Tonight. I love this song. Been playing it over and over. My cousin Alex might kill me for this but I think Jay looks a LOT like him. Or the other way around. Either way they look similar. Alex is like the buffer, less skrawny version. However, I'm sure Alex isn't a B-Boy like Jay. Much love!

Today has been interesting. Managed to spend a good $400.00 today. More good and bad news from the doctors. Gave a friend some tattoo pointers. Got a few new awesome Magic the gathering cards from a visit from Brad and the new comic shop in Leduc (where the DQ used to be behind the PetroCan). Went to see my trainer and caught up abit. Then got 2 new books at Chapters for almost free from my rewards card. Just had to pay the tax lol. Speaking of taxes.... I have plans to get mine out soon! Hopefully I get a nice return like my sister.

Anyways . . . goodnight world! Back to work tomorrow. Love ya <3

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Better!

So decided to test my pain tolerance today by doing some light housework and its going well so far. I finished off the day with more lessons and playing around with minecraft. I was getting frustrated because my builds just aren't working the way I want them to. So yeah.

Might try playing abit of Magicka before bed. Tomorrow will be a very art day. Hoping to get alot of my art work caught up. Tonight will be short so I will see you all tomorrow!

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Friday, May 13, 2011

R and R

Not much to say. Been doing a lot of resting yesterday and today. Trying to get better so I can go back to work. So far I have lasted the whole day without any painkillers and as long as I take things slow it isnt more then a discomfort then a pain.

I'm sorry for not posting yesterday, but blogger was having maintenance which was scheduled for only an hour and ended up being the whole day . . .
So yeah . . . Not sure if I mentioned before that I have problems speaking Korean or not, but I do. Recently, (thanks to eatyourkimchi.com) I found a website that is helping me which my pronunciation of Korean. He is a really good teacher! There a few rules that I didn't know about from teaching myself that are really helping me understand why Koreans laugh at me when I try to speak their language. Also had another Chinese lesson today. Was short. But the company I am trying to learn it with is introducing me to a new teacher seeing as my original one had to leave because his sister had passed. The one I met today was harsh and had no sense of humor. Class wasn't fun and I don't remember hardly any of it because I became uninterested. Oh well.

Anyways gonna try doing some light housework and see how much I can do without causing pain. Well goodnight world! Love ya <3

Thursday, May 12, 2011

From the Inside

Alright! Today was scary, painful and . . . interesting to say the least. Woke up this morning with stronger then normal pain in my side for hardly doing anything. I didn't really think anything of it until the ride to work when it continued to flare up and cause me brief moments of agony. So like I normally do, I took an Advil. The Advil seemed to have worked ... while I was stationary. We went out after some pointless discussions and started to do our work. The pain started to come back again but it was dull and manageable. However, after a good hour or two I was in so much pain that I was in tears and out of breath.

Margaret and Monica told our boss and he was kind enough to drive me home and give me necessary time off (he told me not to think about coming back until Monday lol) So I spent the next couple of hours at home resting until my mum arrived. I then drove her to work and then myself to the Leduc ER. Now I have only been to the Leduc hospital for shots and bloodwork. I have always gone to Devon for emergencies because its closer. Today I will not go to Devon for the ER of my own choice ever again. My last encounters with that hospital were horrible. They never gave me the time of day and even after telling them my symptoms that did a quick look and told me what I was feeling was wrong. Leduc on the other hand treated me with respect and did extra tests baised on what I had explained my symptoms to be. And I can honestly say I had fun for a bit at the hospital. I had to go for an ultrasound and they brought me a wheel chair and she wheeled me in a fun fast way through the halls to the ultrasound room. Me pushing my IV trolly thing along with us.

Oh man and they gave a full bag of Morphine, then some liquid gravol because I was very nauseous from the large dose of morphine. lol I slept for a while in that room. All those drugs making me drowsy. Well anyways after all is said and done I have 3 bruises and some pain, but I got a prescription and a decent time. I also want to thank Doreen and Luke for picking me up because the hospital wasn't gonna let me leave and drive home with all that morphine in my system! Well sleep is cathing up with me so I will go to bed.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Week Sketch Hiatus

I am really sorry to do this. My new job is draining me of all my energy. My crew says it will take about a week to get used to the work. So I will post written updates for a week and continue with the sketches next Monday. Again I am really sorry! Please be patient with me. Once I get going with this job I will be able to afford to make this blog a bit more interesting!

Sooooo. I have been having a wonderful first couple of days. Monica and Margaret are so awesome to work with and I'm slowly getting to know the rest of the crew. Everyone is so down-to-earth and friendly like they ahve known each other since high school but only just met. It's a wonderful work environment where people can be themselves without having to try so hard to fit in.

In my construction crew Margaret and I are Flaggers. We are the people who stand with the stop/slow signs and guide people through the construction zones. Monica is a Packer, she runs the machinery that packs the soil to later be paved for the new roads and or fixing of the roads. However, the contruction season doesn't start till after the long weekend so we are cleaning up Nisku with garbage pick-up duty. Let me tell you, it's not an amazingly easy or fun job but working with Monica and Margaret makes the time go by fast and fairly fun.

Haha today we did alot of ditches with waters drains and tons of mud. Several times both of us nearly fell face first into the mud after slipping it in. Poor Monica drenched her foot thinking a patch of rocky soil looked solid and sank down to the middle of her calf! We both had a good laugh.

Anyways time for some relaxing while I eat and then making my food for tomorrow! Goodnight world, love ya <3

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sketch 55 - An Angel Among Us

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! So yeah I'm sorry this is an older sketch but its one that most haven't seen. Its the original concept sketch for Nanako in my Pyowaan story. She is a fire angel and unlike her friend Anna who actually starts with the angels, she starts in the desserts and lives among the villages of anthro races until she is reunited with her friends.

So my new job starts tomorrow. I have to get up before 6am uhhg. Oh well the pay is well worth it and getting up that early will hopefully make the day go by faster. I want to give a shout out to a new friend of mine Jake Bailey who has lent me his Japanese copy of Legend of Dragoon game (which ive mentioned in a previous post that I have been wanting to play again!). So cool! Now I don't have to by it and I can refine my Japanese reading abilities while playing. He has also lent me a Japanese PSP game called Monster Hunter Portable, which as he warned me is very addictive! By looking at the back and seeing the graphics for a hand held it looks frikken amazing!

Anyways it is getting late and I need to make my lunch for tomorrow and get to bed. Good night world! Love you <3

Sketch 54 - New Job Soon

Can anyone tell I'm excited for my new job? I did this on my self made 10 minute break at my current job. Uhhg did an 11 hour shift today and I am exhausted. I HATE that shift. So tired and exhausted I didnt even get a sketch done for yesterday. Mother's day is tomorrow (technically today seeing as I'm posting after 12). I got my mom a card, her favorite perfume and a genuine pearl necklace (and no thinking dirty!). All mothers deserve pearls at some point.

So yeah another 10 hour shift tomorrow that I am dreading and then I start my new job on Monday! YAY! But my first day will be 10 hours as well but almost double the pay so I don't care. Anyways I have little time to sleep so goodnight world! Love ya <3

Friday, May 06, 2011

Sketch 53 - YAY!

OMG! YAY! lol so I found out today that my symptoms are NOT cancer. However the alternative isn't much better. Oh well. So I have decided on the higher paying job. Although I will still be helping put at night until they can replace me at the job I am at so for a week or so expect some late sketches. Sorry!

What caused this pain I have been having was the birth control pill I was on (Yasmin) I think produced too many hormones causing problems for me. So now the treatment is . . . more birth control! lol however a smaller dose.  

I also wanna give a shout out to my ex husband who is now a father to a healthy baby boy named Evander. Congratulations you two! I hope to see pictures soon.

Anyways up early for interview/paperwork tomorrow so Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sketch 52 - Eat Your Kimchi!

YAY!!! Finally done. Martina, Simon and Spudgy. Although I still don't like how Spudgy turned out. I'm not very good at drawing animals. Quite proud of this one. Worked on it most of the day while watching their videos. I hope they like it! Finally into 2011 videos I think... Martina likes pink and bacon so I made her a shirt with both. Her shirt says 'Bacon Love' with a heart made of bacon and Simon's shirt is a Shazaam! shirt. I know he has a tattoo but its like 1am and I need to get to bed. Not that I will actually be able to sleep.

I still stand by my vote to abolish guilt trips. I loath them. My family has mastered the art to the point they don't even realize they are doing it anymore. I have a huge decision to make regarding my job, that really should be no decision at all. If I was currently employed anywhere else that I'm not at the moment then everyone would be pushing me forward. Tomorrow I find out (hopefully) exactly whats wrong with me medically and I can go from there. Hopefully the hiring person will give me a bit more time to make said decision. I am in so much pain both in body and mind right now. My side today felt like it was gonna rip open and now my emotions and head feel like exploding into a meltdown of epic proportions. I want to just give up, but I wont and can't.

Time to go attempt to sleep and or just rest. LOL I think my tear ducts actually ran out if that's possible. Nice thing about crying is it reduces stress and is great for your skin. My cheeks are so soft. Anyways . . . Goodnight world! Love ya <3 

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sketch 51 - Simon, Martina and Spudgy

Simon, Martina and Spudgy from Eat Your Kimchi. I have been loving their videos. Such an amazing couple. They are Canadians who moved to Korea to teach and vloged about it every day. To me they are such an inspiration. I actually have my TESOL certificates and tried to teach in Japan. However I got turned down for all the paid teaching jobs in Japan because I had no experience and or early childhood development certification. Outside of their jobs I just love watching their videos. Martina and Simon have such wonderful personalities and make an amazing couple. Spudgy the dog is adorable in an odd way haha! Also very jealous because they got to meet almost all of my favorite kpop stars including BigBang. Man if it was me I would glomp Daesung!

So today is just the line work. Its a huge piece but I have some of the color done already so to finish for tomorrow's blog will be fast (hoping). I'm actually really proud of this. For a sketchier full sized picture it turned out great...except for Spudgy because I suck at drawing animals (forgive me!)

In other news, I'm getting nervous for Thursday. I've been getting more frequent pains in my side and its getting harder to do things without writhing in pain on the floor. It's starting to scare me and honestly I'm scared to find out exactly what it is and what the outcome and treatments will include. I have a lot planned for my future ...

Anyways! Conservatives won the election in Canada so .... nothing will change! Not so bad I suppose but whatever. Getting sleepy so Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Monday, May 02, 2011

Sketch 50 - Bring On the Headcrabs!

Gordon Freeman. The coolest video game character / geek 3\/4R (ever)!!! I got a request to draw him a couple days ago but couldn't remember who he meant. I personally have never played this game but have watched others play through both one and two. They are amazingly scary and fun! Good times. Hahaha I remember the day my bf at the time Jacob was playing and I was watching and he was strolling around this city exploring and found a crawl space that had a medic pack in it. So he started to crawl through it with the flashlight (in the game) off until we started hearing noises. He turns on the flashlight and right there is a head crab! LOL we both screamed and jumped and frantically started to kill it. Man we laughed so hard after that.

Not going to go into details just yet, but I received a call back about my test results and they did not have good news for me. Very sad but nothing is concrete at the moment and I will not post more then this until I find out for sure. So lets all pray they are wrong! Because we all know doctors can be wrong.

Speaking of games. Richard and I get a long weekend together and my steam is finally working again and his computer.... down for the count. There is a higher power out there that does not want us playing Borderlands I swear! Anyways I'm sorry to my guild mates for this afternoon, love you guys!

Anyways I'm off for the night, goodnight! Love ya world <3

Sketch 49 - You Wish...

... you were this pretty! I love Siberian tigers. They are amazing creatures. I was hoping to hear back from a couple I have recently fell in love with  so I could draw their picture for today but maybe it will be for tomorrow. Mind you I really shouldn't get my hopes up because they are so popular that they met almost all my favorite kpop idols (~jealous~).

Today I basically did some translations and relaxed while watching the you tube videos of the couple listed above. Also got some laundry done. Actually while typing this Richard was looking at the TRON and Daft Punk headphones that just came out by Monster. Man they look so cool! I wouldn't mind a pair (and same for him) when we can get our finances in order/ goals achieved lol.

So big news in Canada. Tomorrow (which actually in the time of posting this is today) is our Federal elections. This should be big news but really isn't to most. I'm not sure who I'm gonna vote for. Definitely not the liberals but I'm torn between the Conservatives and the NDP.  The NDP or New Democratic Party offers change but said change usually consists of raising taxes to help pay for it while the conservatives are basically just gonna work to improve what we already have. Now the way an election is won in Canada is strange. You don't necessarily win by the amount of votes. In federal elections, Canadians vote for members of parliament. The leader of the party with the most members elected (there are 308 seats) then becomes the prime minister. The current Conservative minority government has 143 seats and is headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Since we do not directly elect the prime minister, Canadians must consider the impact of our votes on multiple levels. It doesn’t take a majority to rule or to win an election in Canada. If you’ve got six candidates running, you don’t need 50 percent of the vote to win. Simply the one who has the highest percentage wins. In doing so our elections tend to take less time and are more fluid then presidential elections in the states.

Anyways that's enough of that boring talk and I am off to bed! Goodnight world! Love ya <3