Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sketch 63 - tyrannosauruslexxx

British youtuber tyrannosauruslexxx . . . gorgeous lady with a wonderful voice when she does sing. It's a shame she doesn't vlog much anymore because of university. She is such a wonderful person and I really like watching her videos no matter the topic. Most of the time she just talks about random stuff but its still so interesting. I look forward to more videos! . . . please? lol

Not much to say about today except cut my hair (different fringe style) and dyed it a darker auburn. See how this color and style work for me. Should I update my profile pic with a new one? Might have to actually put make-up on for once . . .

Kinda nervous about tomorrow, we start construction tomorrow and it will be my first day flagging. Margaret said she would be there to help me for a bit which helps settle my nerves a tad. Also got some chicken for lunch tomorrow which I am gonna make into a sandwich! NOM NOM.

Anyways need sleep! So tired lol. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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