Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sketch 77 - Hot Steps

Been doing some painting recently and its so nice to do some traditional work again. Although the sad part is I don't get to keep the originals *cry*. So this one is a picture of Isaac's sister Emily. She doesn't dance anymore so I was commissioned to do a picture for her. I absolutely love how it turned out. I am impressed with myself. So now I have to finish Warren's birthday picture and then get some tattoo sketches drawn up for Saturday, possibly doing 3-4 on Saturday and the window painting that I didn't do today to do tomorrow at the Esso. SOOO BUSY. But its nice because its not stuff thats hurting my side too much.

Also I did Kayla's tattoo today instead. We were messing about and LA Ink came on TV and I was all like ... "lets do yours. RIGHT NOW :D" and shes all like "OMG ok!" and yeah. She squealed she was so happy haha. So after this crazy weekend I still have to work the holiday Monday. At least they were nice enough to pay us a day early so I can put my check in the bank and finally pay my bills. Been stretching my money out as long as I can because I cant work as much from my pain. Anyways should probably get more painting done.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sketch 76 - Bear

Calico Cat, Bear. I have a customer that wants her deceased Calico named Bear tattoo'd. I haven't done a realism animal yet. Kinda nervous seeing as animals aren't my strong point and it will be in color. But it will be fairly small. I just hope it will turn out for the customer!

Interesting last few days. The pains in my side are getting more and more unbearable. I hope the new day for my surgery will come soon! Tired of all these tests. In a big art mood right now So I am taking the opportunity to fully use it! I will be using my spare needles tomorrow to tattoo my sister Kayla on her wrist. Super excited for that. I also have several interested in Commissions not to mention the ones I have to still finish! Now I also have to paint the windows at work with a design I made all in Pink! Its for the 'Pinkest City in Alberta' contest for breast cancer. So yeah wow hectic! Even though I wont be doing much physically I am super swamped for time. Its nice to be busy again though and the extra little trickles of income really help when I can't work full time...barely even part-time. Anyways! Enough chit-chat, off to continue drawing!

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sketch 75 - My Magic

Felt like drawing my character Purtalic. Really miss my friend MBJ. I have been trying to get a hold of her for a while now. I guess she must be busy. Today was a sort of relaxing day. Company came over and things got a tad lively. Not much to say. In a drawing mood and a gaming mood but with company over its extremely hard to do either.... Not looking forward to my imminent death tomorrow. I have to work 8 hours tomorrow and Sunday. Yesterday I worked 3 hours and was in extreme pain, because they cant just let me work the counter. Its stocking and magazines and bending and just everything to make my side turn into an inferno. So wanted to draw something soothing.

Not sure what I will do for the rest of the night. Have a major headache from the dogs not listening and not in the mood to socialize. Also getting depressed lately. Feel horrible about myself, for things that are happening. Too much thinking and worrying and I am bringing myself down. I have friends in trouble and I don't know how to help them.

Well enough for my depressing rantings. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sketch 74 - Party Voices

So yeah last night I was MIA because my friend Curtis and I when out to the pub/club last night. It was fun! Although I would like to take him on a weekend when its a bit more busy. They did however have Karoke night, and I must say Curtis has some amazing vocals. It was like they were playing the real song. They also had Richard and my song. At some point I got hungry so we asked where a good place to eat was, and the bouncer told us about a donair place 8 blocks away so we went. He sang in accapella to me the whole way there .... and back once we found out the shop was closed. It was a good time and I plan to to it again some time!

Anyways Im very sore from the 3 hours of work I did do today so I am off. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sketch 73 - I Don't Blame You

Portal (the game) and oxycodine (Perkaset) .... equals me really high. That game is so awesome. So went to the doctors today and yeah. Seems I will be on more painkillers for the next couple of months. My surgery has been postponed because of the infection. This really sucks. But I had some awesome friends to cheer me up today.

Gonna keep this short because I decided If I have to live through this pain more and more and I cant work full time might as well get some more hours at my part time work. Short shifts and decent enough pay. I need the spending money for stuffs, fragapalooza and bills so yeah. Hoping It wont be too busy while I'm working so I don't need to waste a pill for a few hours of work and then be sick or high and get fired. But yeah, time for bed.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sketch 72 - Lost In Your Eyes

Feels good to draw on my tablet again. Been having fun with Kayla and her fiance Cory. The princess party for my niece's 4th birthday party was actually a lot of fun. I did a lot of  face painting and the kids were so cute in their big poofy dresses and bows.

Friday night/Saturday morning I had to go to the hospital again from over exertion at the 2012 Magic the Gathering draft tournament. I got alittle more excited then I should have over some cards I got and had to go because I was in so much pain. Turns out I have a severe bladder infection which can and probably will prevent my surgery on the 20th from happening. Ive been waiting a long time for this surgery and I really don't want to be in pain anymore. It hurts to get up in the morning.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor and get tested again for the infection. Hoping all is good. If not I really hate these pills I am on. The antibiotics I got are apparently so strong that I cannot go outside in the sun for a lengthy period of time while on them. It increases the chance of getting a sunburn. I get so dizzy and nauseous from them as well. So i should get to bed because I will need a shower in the morning. It is very humid here and we are not used to it! Sweating like crazy.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm alive! and I fixed my tablet with some glue, duct tape and love. It works again! I will start up my sketches again on Monday because I wont be home this weekend though I really don't want to go because it will be very depressing for me.

Today is an exciting day however. Its the 2012 Magic the Gathering draft tournament at Bazinga Comics and my sister Kayla is coming back home from Newfoundland with her fiance Cory and their dog Lady. Im SOOOOOOO excited!!! All of this and I can still barely move from the pain which is spreading to the left side, lower back and right thigh now. I have 3 painkillers left and not sure how I'm gonna survive this weekend and week until my surgery. At lest my work is being understanding and considerate.

I have also made some new friends at Bazinga. I wanna give a shout out to Warren (the owner) for being so awesome and cool, Isaac, Ryan, Jameson, Byran, Zack, Matt, and many more that I have yet to remember names to faces (sorry guys!). Its also gotten me closer with old friends I lost contact with; Bradley, Cynthia and Marie. Isaac and I are becoming really close friends, so if you guys hear me mention him a lot you know why haha. Well off to do some more cleaning before the tournament if I can.

It so nice to be back! Bubyes for now world! Love ya <3