Tattoo Work

I've tried to put them into order in which I remember when they were done. These are ones I can find pictures for. There are many more!

This was the first tattoo I ever did and its on myself! I have a horrible habit of picking scars so its really blotchy because of it. I've thought about covering it, but I have used it as an example of what happens to your tattoos when you pick at them so it works :P

Simple heart done on a 16 year old with her parents consent and watching! She loves it.

This one isn't finished yet,but its a pretty flower and swirly design ... makes me want a neck tattoo haha.

So these are little hearts on my friends hip. And I mean LITTLE haha. I like her color choices though. So cute <3

This is a surprisingly popular tattoo. But this tattoo is very meaningful to the owner and it was fun to do! 

This is a close friend of mine and my boyfriends. She wanted a unique bonsai down her side. She did so well sitting through the detail! She healed so fast too! Only 4 days!

These two are best friends that wanted to get tattoos together. I consider the one that had it on her neck is a very good friend of mine as well. It was a 'blessing' to do the tattoos for these lovely ladies.
This is an Alexis of Fire emblem on a very dear old friend that I've known for a long time. He was dating my sister but now time will tell :).
I am quite proud of this one to be honest :D
These are done on a very awesome lady whom I don't remember how we actually met but regardless. Fearless and sexy she is and loves her animal prints :D The heart was really fun. I have done 3 total on this awesome lady.
Now this was an interesting tattoo to do ... it's on the daughter of the woman above this. It's an experience I wont forget! She's just as awesome as her mom and has one other from me on her finger. We had plans for a side piece but plans fell through :)
About this time I finished the Koi fish on my thigh. This took me about 6 hours total and I am most proud of this one. It will look even better when I loose weight ;)
Did this one on one of my boyfriends co-workers. YAY for Naruto and anime tattoos! It was fun.
So I usually have a strict 'no lovers name' policy but I had promised him to do a tattoo and he wanted to surprise his wife for her birthday or their anniversary. It was so late when we started and I was very tired but I love how it turned out. Says Maxine for those that don't see the line for the x.
A loving father who is friends with the zebra heart lady got his kids names and birthdays on his arm while the kids watched and giggled at his faces of pain. First tattoos for him and he did so well!
There isn't alot different with this tattoo but the one on the left is the original and the right is my touch up on it. I did not do the original and the lines were boring and separated so I livened it up a bit!
'Never blame anyone in your life
the good, give you happiness
the bad, give you experience
the worst, give you lessons
the best, give you memories."
This was done on the back of the father's calf.
These are my other tattoos that I have for those that are wondering. I did the artwork for them!

For anyone who I don't have pictures for please message me on my facebook page if you would like it added :D

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