Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sketch 38 - Koi of Wealth

So today has been a LONG day so I took a picture of a koi fish I did. Part of my tattoo sketches. Hopefully tomorrow I can draw something. I didn't get off work until an hour after I was suppose to because we were busy.

I have been planning on coloring my hair yellow and pink for Easter, but you know I think I should let it have a break for awhile and stick to my natural hair color for awhile. Ive been bleaching and coloring different funky colors for about a year now. I think its time to go au naturel ~ well as natural As i can dye it seeing as its bleach blonde white at the moment.

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound and x-rays to find out what I have. I can literally say I'm kinda nervous to find out. But I will be getting my PSP right after so it wont be too bad. Although having the PSP before I go would be nice for any time I need to wait. Canadian free health care is nice but the time to wait can be annoying. Oh well, small annoyance for no cost.

Well of to bed because I need to be up early. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Donations for Japan ~$168/$500

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