Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Week Sketch Hiatus

I am really sorry to do this. My new job is draining me of all my energy. My crew says it will take about a week to get used to the work. So I will post written updates for a week and continue with the sketches next Monday. Again I am really sorry! Please be patient with me. Once I get going with this job I will be able to afford to make this blog a bit more interesting!

Sooooo. I have been having a wonderful first couple of days. Monica and Margaret are so awesome to work with and I'm slowly getting to know the rest of the crew. Everyone is so down-to-earth and friendly like they ahve known each other since high school but only just met. It's a wonderful work environment where people can be themselves without having to try so hard to fit in.

In my construction crew Margaret and I are Flaggers. We are the people who stand with the stop/slow signs and guide people through the construction zones. Monica is a Packer, she runs the machinery that packs the soil to later be paved for the new roads and or fixing of the roads. However, the contruction season doesn't start till after the long weekend so we are cleaning up Nisku with garbage pick-up duty. Let me tell you, it's not an amazingly easy or fun job but working with Monica and Margaret makes the time go by fast and fairly fun.

Haha today we did alot of ditches with waters drains and tons of mud. Several times both of us nearly fell face first into the mud after slipping it in. Poor Monica drenched her foot thinking a patch of rocky soil looked solid and sank down to the middle of her calf! We both had a good laugh.

Anyways time for some relaxing while I eat and then making my food for tomorrow! Goodnight world, love ya <3

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