Monday, June 20, 2011

R.I.P. Tablet

Raining today so no work. Decided to get some drawing done until I took out my tablet. It is broken and wont turn on. I cried. Then looked at how much the upgrade is. I cried again. Sooooo expensive. So back to paper and pencil until I can get/afford a new one.

One of my guild mates suggested I ask for donations towards a new one or if any fans have a new/used one they would like to donate. The one I am looking at is the Intuos 4 but anything right now would be great.

I don't like to be a charity case.

Anyways I hope the rain lets up soon. Love you all!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sketch 71 - More Tattoos!

 Had alot of fun doing these. Inside the stars on her hand and the little stars on her wrist (to break apart the names) I used my new invisible UV tattoo ink. At first we didn't think it worked until I brought out my blacklight bulb and holly man it was so cool! I think I might try to give myself a face tattoo with this ink. All in all she says she really loves them and I am proud of them. First time doing writing that small and on a wrist. BTW the names are all of her pets.

Tomorrows sketch will be probably of the lady above. While at her house I saw the most amazing thing. So I will draw that! In other news. My mom has been watching me play around with all these cards (Magic the gathering) and started asking me questions. When I asked if she would like to get her own decks and play she was excited and bought a lot of cards! Lucky her managed to get so many rare cards in random booster packs including the original Tezzereth Plainswalker! So I ended up making her a deck from her cards and play/instructed her on the basics of the game in play . . . she BEAT the shit outta me lol. VERY proud of her and tonight she asked to play me again and seemed upset that we haven't played for a few nights!

Some bad news. I tried to run my computer after work today and it just lagged horribly. I check it out and find I only have 2GB of hard drive space left lol. So yeah, ran out and got a 500gb portable HD. Sadly, my computer atm is only 250GB and this back-up is 500GB lol . . . oh well.

Well I am off to bed because I have work tomorrow and mom wants to play a game before I have to go to work. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sketch 70 - Magic and Books

Looking forward to playing Magic today. Got the day off so going to use that. I also need to pick up my new UV invisible ink I ordered. Looking forward to it. Now to get a black light so I can see what I'm tattooing lol. Also plan on giving a tattoo at some point today. Uhhg busy day again.

Also wanted to mention I got an e-book reader. The Chapters Kobo. I love it. It came pre-loaded with 100 classics that I intend to read at some point. I have about 130 books/manga on it atm so YAY.

Hmm not much else. Not sure when I will be home and how tired I will be tonight so I am posting now and if anything interesting happens I will talk about it in tomorrows blog.

Bubyes world! Love ya <3

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OMG I am still alive!!!

Sorry everyone for my absence! I have been so stressed lately due to everything catching up with me. Stuff is happening at work, ended up killing my laptop keyboard . . . you have no idea how hard it is to type right now. My space bar, C, V and ALT keys are pretty much stuck because I spilled a form of chinese sweet and sour sauce on them and yeah . . . very upset about that.

Updates will start again tomorrow! I got alot of work done on the wallpaper I promised everyone and some commissions yesturday so things should start to move along. On another note, I got back into playing Magic the Gathering thanks to Brad. I had to re-make my decks and he came over to help me play test them . . . and kicked my ass in both games using my decks! LOL oh well. Second game he just got lucky with his first had. Had a low cost poison creature at the start and ended me before I could get more then my wall (0/6 defensive) and an artifact creature cat out near the end. So yeah need more practice. That and I amused to playing 3+ so thats how I build my decks. Need to re-work for one-on-one.

Anyways! New sketch tomorrow hope you look forward to it! Love ya <3

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sketch 70 - Tattoos Complete!

Cleaning all day yesterday and this morning to prepare for doing these two tattoos! Mother and daughter yellow rose tattoos. I'm quite impressed with myself. This was Shelby's (in pink) first tattoo and did well for it being on the top of her foot! Although the jumping made me mess up a bit, it turned out great considering. Will need some touch ups later down the road to fix the line and the color if needed.

Thought I would post these as my sketch for today because I basically spent the whole day doing the tattoos. Hope you enjoy! I know Cheryl (black) and Shelby (pink) loved them. Anyways I need to be up early tomorrow to take my mom to work so I can take the car for tomorrow because my ride will be going the the doctors. So . . .

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sketch(s) 69 - Sushi, Rain and Ink!

This past few days has been crazy. I had some yummy sushi and its been raining a lot and so cold to the point the rain turned to snow! We are in June now! Finally get the weekend off and I have been spending it cleaning and getting ready for tomorrow because I am Going to be tattooing some friends with that yellow rose. They want this rose on the top of their foot . . . I warned them it was gonna hurt like hell but they still wanna go for it! Gives me more practice with jumping canvas *wink. Anyways need to go to bed so I can be up early to finish cleaning and disinfecting the place :P

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Hopefully I can get a schedule back in place soon so this doesn't happen again.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Double Sketch Tomorrow

Such a long day that I will have to do a double sketch tomorrow. And one will be a hand drawn one done while I'm at work.

Some people really are just stupid. If you cant back up with a trailer then why are you driving with one and if you can't read signs placed ON the road, then you shouldn't be driving or be heading to the eye doctors.

Today wasn't busy for me, but stupid people in big trucks thinking they can cut in front of big machinery were still out there. Think people!

Anyways off to bed. Goodnight world. Love ya <3 expect a better post tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sketch 68 - Kang DaeSung

Daesung . . . what have you gotten yourself into? I have been following the story of his recent car accident to which someone has died. There are so many rumors going around and news stories twisting things before official ruling has been made. As it stands from what I understand is that Daesung was driving at 1:30 am when coming over a hill he ran over a previously fallen motorcyclist and crashed into the back of a taxi that had stopped to help the victim. The taxi driver has released a Q and A to which he explains that Daesung may be wrongfully charged and is being blamed for everything.

Here is a site I have been using too keep up on the news:

As for work today. What is with the wind this year? Seriously. Like tornado strong winds enough to blow me off my feet which almost happened several times today. Surprised Margaret wasn't carried off with how small she is. I ended up with further sunburns on my hands, a spider bite on my ankle, scratched eyes from the dirt, bloody nose from blowing out mud and powdered cement in my hair which is VERY hard to get out. Also blisters on my hands from trying to keep my stop sign pointing towards on-coming traffic and flying either out of my hands or into my face more then it had already. Hopefully it will rain and help with the dust and calm the wind down a bit.

Anyways! Goodnight world. Love ya <3