Saturday, November 30, 2013

Diane re-do!

Well since Fai's was at a table I figured I should do hers at one too! lol I like this one much better. :3 I hope she does too! I have been making a lot of new contacts and friends and it's great. A lot of them are speaking to me in Korean which is helping :D

Looking forward to starting my new job tomorrow. Its really close to my house and the manager I will have is really nice and straight forward. I think we will get along well. She believes in respect for employees and management so plus plus. I need to keep this short because I have more studying to do before tomorrow.

I am also very excited to be giving my very very close friend Linda a tattoo tomorrow. She's like a sister to me and I can give her son Ethan his birthday gift finally! haha. Anyways.

Love you all <3

Friday, November 29, 2013


This was fun to draw. I really liked the picture she had up on the Penpal site that we connected on. She is learning English and a really smart girl! I really like her smile and giggle ^-^

 I feel bad that I spent more time on this then the one previous so tomorrow will be a re-do of Diane. She also introduced me to a site for people interested in Korean culture and want to go and make friends. the chat is always so crazy haha.

I finally managed to get my Korean and Japanese keyboards working on my computer now which making responding to the messages a lot easier. It is hard to learn using an English keyboard though haha.

Well a few more informitive videos on YouTube and then off to bed.

Love you all <3

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Diane from the Philippines

It is a sketch blog and got busy tonight so I did an actual sketch tonight. I met a girl from the Philippines today and she is really awesome. She's really into Korean culture and stuff so we had a lot to talk about and she is an artist as well. :D

Tomorrow I will sketch another of my new friends from Thailand! (if she is ohkay with that) I might also re-do this a bit better later for her. So yeah a quick post tonight. I want to shout out to all the people who are helping me learn and wanting to be my friend!

Hmmm I don't really have a lot to say tonight!
Love you all <3

Monday, November 25, 2013


Wasn't sure what to draw and I promised a picture! so I drew myself haha >.> well the way I see myself? I definitely like the way I look in clothing better then bare skinned but meh. So Im making a promise to myself to loose 50lbs before June! RAWR haha I will do it so I can be fashionable (sorrta) in South Korea.

Man conversational Korean is proving to hurt my brain but its fun and our teacher is super nice and easy on the eyes haha. I have also taken it upon myself to meet new people from the countries I want to learn or better myself in their language! I have a few new friends now ^-^ YAY excited. It will be fun to meet with a whole bunch of people.

So I have a tattoo that I have yet to finish and it was my first one! So for all my Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan fans, if you would like a tattoo let me know and the proceeds will go to getting mine finished before I go! I need about $700-$1000 which is only like 13-20 hours of work for my rates. Wish I could make that at my day job haha.  For those that don't want ink and looking for artwork I will be doing prints and commissions to raise money for Tattoo/Korea. I need to force myself to get into a schedule and art work habit and business habit. Hopefully this will cure my procrastination disease lol.

Other then that I hope to post another tomorrow! I will do this! Still thinking of what kind of vlog I would want to do. Any tattoo/art/questions can be posted and answered on my Facebook Page :D

Love you all <3

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Procrastination and Addictions

Warning .... this is long!

Oh man I like to procrastinate .... terrible habit! I have SOOOO much I am doing and working on and not actually working on it .... /sigh

When Final Fantasy XIV came out, man I was so addicted. I was injured from work so I figured it was a good a time as any to play as much as possible D: Don't get me wrong, I still love the game and the franchise but I haven't played since I transferred servers and don't really feel bad about it (minus not speaking to my lovely new friends I met. MISS YOU <3).

My online business, body and art have taken a huge dive thanks to my addiction and laziness and it has to stop. I feel crappy all the time and so down on myself. For example I was looking at some of the reference letters from my teachers and how they were talking about me being an out going individual who loved everyone and could make anyone having a bad day be bright and cheerful. I was also always doodling and trying to incorporate art into all of my projects where I could.
~~~shout out to Mr. H, Mr. C, and Mrs. J ~~~
After reading those, I felt a sense of shame and regret. What happened to me? I go to work and I become negative (usually fake it in front of customers because I believe in customer service where its deserved).
[side note: if my boss is reading this for some reason then maybe being nice to your customers will make them come back you scrooge].

Majority of my co-workers are happy showing up doing the least amount and a comfortable pace and brooding amongst themselves about how much they 'hate' where they are, what they make and where they work but have no motivation to do anything about it. It makes me frustrated and negative and I've found myself joining in their conversations! Ridiculous. However, I am not satisfied where I am and DO have the motivation to change it. So I am making plans to move to Korea in June to teach for the company I have been working with for some time now (love you Soon Min <3).

In said process of all this, my boyfriend, who will be accompanying me, doesn't know any Korean and up till this point wasn't interested in any of the music or TV (except one movie) that I love and listen to so much. It caused a few pains in my chest. But now, even if its to listen to the pronunciation, he asks to listen to my music :D Makes me happy. But anyways, I searched the internet for classes or tutors and found one on . An amazing individual (not gonna name names because he is kinda reserved and not sure how he would feel about it) native to South Korea who was offering lessons for an awesome price!

I am blessed to have found this person. He has made me realize that my version of Korean was very lacking and almost completely wrong. I had taught myself through lyrics and over-the-top dramas. Although I had a base on the grammar from Japanese .... it was lacking so bad from not actually speaking Japanese on a constant basis and lyrics are horrible excuses for conversational grammar. I do know quite a bit of Korean, but his lessons are teaching me so much about the language, culture and people and my spelling @_@.

Some of my older fans might notice I took down the MEDE story page and replaced it with my soon to be Tattoo Gallery. My story is not a huge priority in my life right now and I really need to get my priorities straight, like seriously. So after my business function in Regina last weekend I have promised myself to work on 4 things until I can get myself into a routine I feel I can add more into.

Me / Relationship

In that order. So the next few posts will definitely have a new sketch because this IS a sketch a day blog. I am disappointed that I stopped. It might not be every day just yet as I need to adjust to a schedule I'm setting for myself but I will work back up into doing it daily. I also have a goal to loose weight before Korea ..... so I'm not told I look like a whale (I know you guys mean well but I've been watching too many videos on the tube of you from some amazing people and they are SKINNY and told they are fat) plus its healthier. And business because extra monies to pay off stuff and have that little extra just in-case will be amazing, especially since my bf wont be working. That and my goal is retirement before 30.

Anyways I know this is really long but feels good. Love you all. <3

P.S. I know I have a channel showing my art but was thinking of vloging as well at some point. Build my confidence of speaking to people (even though there wont be actually any one there, but I know how many possible people could be). It would be fun too. Not sure what kind of show I would do or what I would talk about. Ideas?