Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sketch 52 - Eat Your Kimchi!

YAY!!! Finally done. Martina, Simon and Spudgy. Although I still don't like how Spudgy turned out. I'm not very good at drawing animals. Quite proud of this one. Worked on it most of the day while watching their videos. I hope they like it! Finally into 2011 videos I think... Martina likes pink and bacon so I made her a shirt with both. Her shirt says 'Bacon Love' with a heart made of bacon and Simon's shirt is a Shazaam! shirt. I know he has a tattoo but its like 1am and I need to get to bed. Not that I will actually be able to sleep.

I still stand by my vote to abolish guilt trips. I loath them. My family has mastered the art to the point they don't even realize they are doing it anymore. I have a huge decision to make regarding my job, that really should be no decision at all. If I was currently employed anywhere else that I'm not at the moment then everyone would be pushing me forward. Tomorrow I find out (hopefully) exactly whats wrong with me medically and I can go from there. Hopefully the hiring person will give me a bit more time to make said decision. I am in so much pain both in body and mind right now. My side today felt like it was gonna rip open and now my emotions and head feel like exploding into a meltdown of epic proportions. I want to just give up, but I wont and can't.

Time to go attempt to sleep and or just rest. LOL I think my tear ducts actually ran out if that's possible. Nice thing about crying is it reduces stress and is great for your skin. My cheeks are so soft. Anyways . . . Goodnight world! Love ya <3 


  1. Ha! So cool! We downloaded the pic and saved it on our computer. Thank you so much! This is great! :D

  2. Glad you both like it!