Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm alive! and I fixed my tablet with some glue, duct tape and love. It works again! I will start up my sketches again on Monday because I wont be home this weekend though I really don't want to go because it will be very depressing for me.

Today is an exciting day however. Its the 2012 Magic the Gathering draft tournament at Bazinga Comics and my sister Kayla is coming back home from Newfoundland with her fiance Cory and their dog Lady. Im SOOOOOOO excited!!! All of this and I can still barely move from the pain which is spreading to the left side, lower back and right thigh now. I have 3 painkillers left and not sure how I'm gonna survive this weekend and week until my surgery. At lest my work is being understanding and considerate.

I have also made some new friends at Bazinga. I wanna give a shout out to Warren (the owner) for being so awesome and cool, Isaac, Ryan, Jameson, Byran, Zack, Matt, and many more that I have yet to remember names to faces (sorry guys!). Its also gotten me closer with old friends I lost contact with; Bradley, Cynthia and Marie. Isaac and I are becoming really close friends, so if you guys hear me mention him a lot you know why haha. Well off to do some more cleaning before the tournament if I can.

It so nice to be back! Bubyes for now world! Love ya <3

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