Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sketch 76 - Bear

Calico Cat, Bear. I have a customer that wants her deceased Calico named Bear tattoo'd. I haven't done a realism animal yet. Kinda nervous seeing as animals aren't my strong point and it will be in color. But it will be fairly small. I just hope it will turn out for the customer!

Interesting last few days. The pains in my side are getting more and more unbearable. I hope the new day for my surgery will come soon! Tired of all these tests. In a big art mood right now So I am taking the opportunity to fully use it! I will be using my spare needles tomorrow to tattoo my sister Kayla on her wrist. Super excited for that. I also have several interested in Commissions not to mention the ones I have to still finish! Now I also have to paint the windows at work with a design I made all in Pink! Its for the 'Pinkest City in Alberta' contest for breast cancer. So yeah wow hectic! Even though I wont be doing much physically I am super swamped for time. Its nice to be busy again though and the extra little trickles of income really help when I can't work full time...barely even part-time. Anyways! Enough chit-chat, off to continue drawing!

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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