Monday, March 14, 2011

Sketch 1 - The first of many

Welcome to my blog!

First I want to thank my friend Mikaela for choosing my title! I love it. Anyways ... HELLO OUT THERE!!! Haha.

The Picture: Well its the first sketch of my first blog so went with drawing myself blogging... Yes i dye my hair green and I have an Alienware mx17 laptop and a WACOM Intuos 3 tablet for those who were wondering.

Why: I started this blog because like a few people I start things with passion and then fail to finish or continue.... maybe I have ADD? So I chose to start doing a sketch a day and blog about it. The theory behind my madness is that if I want to become a tattoo artist and work on a manga I need to be able to draw every day. Plus having to do it everyday forces me into a habit and therefore seeing my comic come back to life. It will also allow others like yourself to give me criticism on my art (good or bad!) so I can improve and log my improvements over the net. I'm hoping to improve my style, gain confidence, reliability and stability in my art.

I will also post stories or events that happen everyday as a life blog so it wont be all art biased. I play video games and listen to j-pop and k-pop ... although im more of a k-pop fan (BigBang FTW). I like anime and fantasy/horror novels. We will keep it kinda short for tonight so until tomorrow, I bid thee farewell!

* Purtalic . Tamakai . Lahncey . Oreos *

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