Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Food, Holidays, Cops and North Korean A$$holes

Ah cooking ~ something I really do enjoy doing. I love making new things and experimenting <3 This is my aunts boyfriends daughter. I had a lot of fun drawing this. I had intended to do shading but it looked odd with the background so I left it like this and it works! I like the smaller lines too. I played with bigger lines with her brothers which will be tomorrow.

Been having troubles sleeping. You know the whole not being able to turn your brain off thing? I'm disturbed that I can't seem to keep this up and I am falling behind in what I want to do. Saying that I have dropped some weight which is nice. I just wish I could get the dances I'm learning down haha. It is building my confidence though! I am eating an Asian pear while typing this. To be honest it is the first time I have knowingly had it and its soooo good. Bites like fresh cold solid watermelon but tastes like a pear in the shape of an apple. It is quite the experience.

Today I was stopped by the cops .... because my car was SO dirty they couldnt read my license plate clearly enough. No ticket so I went and washed my car but it was a wand wash with no dry system. being -17C today I have little frozen ice droplets all over my car .... look awesome.

Holidays are coming up and I honestly am not really looking forward to them. I don't feel in the holiday spirit what-so-ever. Still a week to go so it might change. I wonder if anyone else feels this way ~

Anyways. I am a proud Nasty and really support Simon and Martina. I love the cause they chose this year and for it to work no one needs to spend money! Watch, like, fav, share, click and vote. All it takes!
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Anyways goodnight! Love you all <3

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