Monday, November 25, 2013


Wasn't sure what to draw and I promised a picture! so I drew myself haha >.> well the way I see myself? I definitely like the way I look in clothing better then bare skinned but meh. So Im making a promise to myself to loose 50lbs before June! RAWR haha I will do it so I can be fashionable (sorrta) in South Korea.

Man conversational Korean is proving to hurt my brain but its fun and our teacher is super nice and easy on the eyes haha. I have also taken it upon myself to meet new people from the countries I want to learn or better myself in their language! I have a few new friends now ^-^ YAY excited. It will be fun to meet with a whole bunch of people.

So I have a tattoo that I have yet to finish and it was my first one! So for all my Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan fans, if you would like a tattoo let me know and the proceeds will go to getting mine finished before I go! I need about $700-$1000 which is only like 13-20 hours of work for my rates. Wish I could make that at my day job haha.  For those that don't want ink and looking for artwork I will be doing prints and commissions to raise money for Tattoo/Korea. I need to force myself to get into a schedule and art work habit and business habit. Hopefully this will cure my procrastination disease lol.

Other then that I hope to post another tomorrow! I will do this! Still thinking of what kind of vlog I would want to do. Any tattoo/art/questions can be posted and answered on my Facebook Page :D

Love you all <3