Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well then~

Wow things have been crazy lately. My surgeries didn't happen. But looking into some specialists that will actually try to help me. I have some pictures to upload from my tattooing. Gonna try getting back into the everyday blog thing. It was good for me and I am disappointed in myself for not keeping up with it. So hoping to start again soon.

The whole point of me doing the sketch blog was to help me get used to drawing everyday for when I become a tattoo artist and or work full time as a mangaka. Anyways lets get to the good stuff then shall we!
   Ok so the first is to prove that its straight and the second is to show whats actually written: 'I am the Emperors dog at Kew, pray tell me sir, whose dog are you?' The writing is fairly small and I had a good time doing it! Curtis sat well for it.

 This tattoo was alot of fun to do! Its for her daughter. Its not going to be colored but I think it looks good in black and white. It was her first and she was one of my best customers to this day. I look forward to any touch-ups or new ones from her.

 This was another for a daughter. Actually both women are friends. There is no black in this tattoo. The lines are a dark navy blue. Definitely good practice for coloring in. Apparently the lines hurt her more the coloring. Most find it opposite but meh. She was fun to tattoo as well.

I have several more tattoos lined up to be done when I finish my work at the county by then I am hoping to start saving for a really nice machine or some more colors of ink or maybe a thermal machine to save me some time with the stencils lol.

Alot has happened recently in my life. Things weren't working out with Richard and I so we are now just best friends. Reminds me of the Wonder Girls song~ Although I do have my visa to move to England I plan on using the money I had saved to further my tattooing career, emergency funding for my new car named Sousuke and most likely move into my own place (with some roomates to help with rent) in Leduc or Edmonton. Its amazing the amount of self confidence I am felling now. Doing things for myself and working hard for no one but me. Such an amazing feeling. Just wished I could have had that operation so I could go back to the gym and make myself feel good on the outside as well. Although the lower stress amount has made me lose some weight I still dont feel comfortable in my own skin. I know I will never be a thin model but I don't want to be. I know I would be happiest as a toned curvy girl so thats my aim. Looking at a size 10-12 ... im a 15-16 atm so Im getting there!

Anyways got some more stuff to get done tonight so goodnight world! Love ya!

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