Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sketch 48 - Amy

Meet Amy. A random bunny girl. Don't really have a thing for her or not sure I can use her as a character but we will see. I went through some serious artist block drawing this one.

So today I got paid YAY! Then went and paid the people I needed to pay haha. Also gave Andy his Easter chocolates and got a practice session with a standard vehicle. Which I must say I did fairly well until I 'kangaroo'd' at a busy intersection in town and stalled out. Nerves got to me I guess. Oh well more practice to come I'm sure. Need to get this down pat if I am to survive on English roads. Mind you over there I could chalk it up to driving on the wrong side of the road that I am used to.

So Richard put his new 1 TB hard drive in today. He needs the space for all of his games and stuff on steam. I'm happy for him! When I finally cross the pond I would like to maybe look into getting a decent desktop. I love my Alienware but its getting dated and you can't upgrade them easily like a desktop. Anyways....

I have been getting into some Tpop recently to go along with my mass collection of Jpop and Kpop. Speaking of which my Big Bang CD finally arrived! OMG its so amazing and the case was so cool. But back on track, I really need to learn Taiwanese... I sorta started on my own awhile back but I didn't get too far. I only know like 3 people from Taiwan and we don't keep in touch a lot so it was hard to ask questions and get a good response. Maybe I should pick it up again seeing as I'm not getting far with Chinese at the moment.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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