Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sketch 41 - Phantom Islander

Merona from the game Phantom Brave for the PSP. I just got this game today. Also discovered my PSP has internet radio, so I was listening to the j-pop and k-pop stations. So cool! Was my Easter gift from my father. I also received a white chocolate bunny and the new book from my favorite author Kelley Armstrong, The Gathering. The new book is the start of the second trilogy for her young adult series The Darkest Powers. I loved reading about Chloe, Derek, Simon and the gang in the first trilogy and can't wait to meet the new characters. Need to finish reading Personal Demon first though.

Not much to say about today. Did about 2 hours of dishes ( really need to start keeping up with those at lest every day to second day) and then hung out with my friend Brad and our moms. Met my cousin Kyle who is the brother of my cousin Kelly as mentioned in previous posts. Also went out for dinner at the local restaurant. Not sure the exact culture the food there comes from but I think its either Turkish or Greek. Either way it was the best mushroom Alfredo I have had in a LONG time. Although I will pay for it tonight with my intolerance to dairy. 

Well have to work tomorrow so goodnight world! Love ya and happy Easter for whomever celebrates the holiday.

Donations for Japan have been sent off! thank you to everyone who donated! I hope you like the gifts I sent to you~

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