Friday, April 22, 2011

Sketch 40 - Hot Head

No one in general this time. My friend Chris or Will w/e he wants to be called put in a suggestion/request for me to draw a red head. I have recently gotten back in touch with him after he found me on deviantART and stuffs. Its been YEARS since I have last seen him so its nice to catch up.

Speaking of red heads... this morning I colored my hair my natural color again which is a lighter version of the one above. I must say after a year of being white blonde, pink, purple, blue, teal, and green... I look weird in natural red. Take some getting used to I suppose.

Thanks to my mum I have a memory stick! YAY I can finally save my PSP games and stop re-playing the tutorials over and over again. Also converted some of my music videos and they look AMAZING on the screen and the playback is smooth.

Back to my friend, he is a very creative writer and has offered to help me with the story part of Pyowaan so it will be easier for me to draw it for the web comic/manga. I hope all my fans are still with me by then! Also still waiting to hear back from MBJ about getting together to try and polish off the MEDE story and characters. Might also work on character back stories and the side stories.

Well thats all for tonight. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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