Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sketch 16 - Demonic Romance

Pyro. A high demon from Eeres. The story of how Purtalic and Pyro met is a near-death survival romance that ended in an amazing union. From there he becomes the soul partner of Purtalic and helps govern the North. He ends up fathering a daughter and son and survives the great war.

This picture is so hawt... if I may say so lol. Ah Pyro. He has some reason to believe he has a little dragon-ling blood in him but its not enough to make a difference. Well as his name suggests he is a fire demon. Thinking about this, me being Purtalic and all.... I don't rule over the fire element yet a lot of my characters are fire elemental ... go figure. Its okay though. MBJ has characters that are under my elemental governing muhahahaha. I spent a lot of time on this picture today. I had to re-do his outfit a lot. Pyro was the 3rd favorite character for the fan-art contest as well.

Tomorrow I have an eye exam and hope to get some contacts again... FINALLY.  Also I have two viewers from Ireland. I don't know anyone from Ireland so this is cool. Hello out there! Hope you liked what you saw/read. This really is exciting. I have a lot of viewers from China as well. Anyways, in other news my cousin Kelly will be arriving for a visit on Friday (hopefully with his gf!) This will be awesome! Also my cousin Alex will be coming for a visit in April sometime. Can't wait. So far I have a lot of people wanting tattoos from me but no one is making dates to do them ... *cries* lol j/k but still come on people!

Love ya <3

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