Monday, March 28, 2011

Sketch 15 - Diamond Frost Smile

Nynde. The daughter of Purtalic and Pyro, making her Princess of the Northern races. A mix of royal dragon-ling blood and demon, she is light of her people and the nightmare of her foes. Her demon blood gives her a temper unlike any other. After her first love dies, she finds refuge in a heart similar to her own.

Ah Nynde. My daughter in the story. When I had a fan-art contest, she was the most popular pic. Speaking of fan-art I should find it all and post it. Maybe? Got to the gym today and they said I had a balance on my account, I had a feeling it would come up because of my card being a visa debit and Canadian businesses aren't up to the technology yet. So Im expecting about $50 and it was $80 .... my jaw dropped. So after some negotiating its down to $40 so I am happy.

Got a lot done today, surprising. More work on the commission done, sketch done early, gym, chapter 1 almost finished and job hunting. So tonight while I wait for man to get home, I am gonna play minecraft! Perfect wind-down game seeing as steam still hasn't gotten back to me on my account yet (its been 2 months.... wtf is going on!) Or might feel up to playing Civ 5. I hate war games but I LOVE civilization games. Blame my ex-husband and father-in-law for that :P many nights playing civ revolution on the x-box. Which makes me think of our nights playing magic the gathering and other tabletop games. Oh the arguments and the tears that were shed. Those were some good times.

We were doing so well with the donations for Japan and then it stopped. I guess people don't wanna hear me sing haha (don't blame you). Anyways ttfn world~

Donations for Japan ~ $68/$500

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