Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sketch 17 - Noble Snow

Purtalic Tamakai Lahncey. Or PTL for short. Northern queen of Asaro. Sister to Metablue, Partner to Pyro, Mother to Nynde and Daemon. A high elf whose element is ice and the cold. She may not be the sword wielding battle maiden like her sister but her magics are bar-none the strongest. She is one of the few remaining bloodlines for the ancient dragon-lings that now watch over the lands as protective spirits.

My character! Oh how pretty she is. I love her outfit and if I were to choose a "look" goal for my gym training it would be too look like this. Curvy and muscular but lean and sturdy. Because this is the character representing myself, I went the extra mile. I know I know like a parent I shouldn't take favorites but come on its me! Or at least who I would like to be. Bold, daring, kind, smart, leader, and cant forget modestly powerful. Keep dreaming right? Yeah I know lol.

So sorry for the late post. Had a lot to do today with my eye exam and getting stuck in traffic on the way and yeah. Left the house at about 12:30 in the after noon and didn't get back home till about 6:00 pm. So tired. While I was waiting for my exam I did some shopping and found "The Book of Awesome" which after reading a bit into really is awesome. The book started out as a blog by Neil Pasricha @ It put a smile on my face on the first page. So if you can find it I highly recommend it (its cheap too!).

I also have a BIG thank you to give out to the generous person who donated $100 for my Japan donation pool. THANK YOU!! That brings us up to almost half the goal amount. Oh and for only 17 days/blogs/sketches I've gone over 400 page views (having it set up so it doesn't include my own). Thank you everyone! I hope I am living up to your expectations. Maybe for the 500 view mark I will post a free wallpaper for people to download if you like.

Well time for bed. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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