Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sketch 13 - Grey Belt

Kohaku Shinrai. The only known grey dragon-ling to exist. Because of his mixed blood, his childhood was tormented with slavery and abuse from which he met Damein. Damein, an assassin born of black took him as a partner and turned him into the fighting spirit he is today. Kohaku goes on to fall in love with the ruling princess of the north.

Ah Kohaku. Another of my favorite characters to draw at least. MBJ and I worked on Damein and Kohaku's back story quite a bit. He probably has some of the most personality work I have done on any of my characters which is surprising since he is a secondary character. For those that don't know what a dragon-ling is, its a dragon who can take on the persona of an elf. In the world MBJ and I created they are considered a higher being. Why would a dragon need to become an elf? Well considering their size, it is hard for dragons to enter buildings and socialize with other races. This would have been an evolutionary step to help the race from dying out.

Upon request I will start typing out the story in my free-free time because in my free time I'm working haha. I should be heading to work right now but it feels good to just stay here. Ahhh nice day at home.

Love you all <3

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