Friday, March 25, 2011

Sketch 11 - Fire Demon

Contrary to the blog title, she is in fact a human. One of very few humans in M.E.D.E story. She is Kigano Komi. I have always loved this character for some reason and felt compelled to draw her today. Had a bit more time then normal to work on my 'sketch' today so it doesn't really look like a sketch minus the lack of shading. Her element (if you haven't already guessed) is fire, and she may not be able to cast it due to her being human, she is able to harness it in her bullets made for her alchemically altered pistols.

I think I might draw one of my characters everyday until I gain more suggestions from people. How does that sound? LOL well too bad. Until I start seeing comments with suggestions you will start seeing more and more of my characters. Muhahahahahaha! Hahaha I am in a good mood today. Finally quit my job. I will miss all the friends I made but me quitting doesn't mean I am banned from going and playing bingo. If you actually read my blogs could you post where you are from (just country). Or feel free to post a comment on facebook or twitter!

Love you all <3

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