Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Internet, Kpop, FFXIV

Finally have internet after a week of waiting haha. Got a lot of work done though, moving into the new place. I feel at ease at this new place. its so relaxing and amazing seeing the birds on the tree outside the kitchen/bedroom windows. So now I'm sitting, translating new korean music with the warm light from the gorgeous weather on me and enjoying my day off. Speaking of music, I am soooo addicted to G-Dragon, Lee Hi and Zion T right now.... I'm just so in love. I will post their 3 new songs on the music video page for you all to enjoy!

Oh man stage 2 of the FFXIV beta was kinda lame after the first weekend but I am getting pumped for stage 3! and they are going to let us post stuff about it this time! I'm thinking of doing some fan art or starting a 30 day challenge again. I feel like I'm cheating on myself for not doing this more often. And my manga is suffering as well. I need to find a schedule for work, business, art (comic and blog), gaming and my 90 day weight loss challenge with BodyKey. Once FFXIV fully comes out I have considered doing a 'Let's Play' of it on YouTube along with my time-lapse sketches.

Well back to catching up on work. Maybe post a picture as an update later!

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