Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sketch 68 - Kang DaeSung

Daesung . . . what have you gotten yourself into? I have been following the story of his recent car accident to which someone has died. There are so many rumors going around and news stories twisting things before official ruling has been made. As it stands from what I understand is that Daesung was driving at 1:30 am when coming over a hill he ran over a previously fallen motorcyclist and crashed into the back of a taxi that had stopped to help the victim. The taxi driver has released a Q and A to which he explains that Daesung may be wrongfully charged and is being blamed for everything.

Here is a site I have been using too keep up on the news:

As for work today. What is with the wind this year? Seriously. Like tornado strong winds enough to blow me off my feet which almost happened several times today. Surprised Margaret wasn't carried off with how small she is. I ended up with further sunburns on my hands, a spider bite on my ankle, scratched eyes from the dirt, bloody nose from blowing out mud and powdered cement in my hair which is VERY hard to get out. Also blisters on my hands from trying to keep my stop sign pointing towards on-coming traffic and flying either out of my hands or into my face more then it had already. Hopefully it will rain and help with the dust and calm the wind down a bit.

Anyways! Goodnight world. Love ya <3

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