Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sketch 46 - Sophie

Its funny how this character came to be. I received an anthro commission and Rich and I were talking about the art form and how you hardly ever see a reptilian or dragon anthro so I decided to give it a shot and thats how Sophie was created! Now I'm gonna ask everyone out there what colors she should be!

Went for my blood work today. 6 vials of blood for like 12 tests uhhg. lol. I don't hate needles but I hate the feeling of my blood leaving my body through a needle. Apparently it happens a bit. I am posting early tonight because I will be hanging out with Alex again tonight before he leaves for British Columbia again. And I would like to have a drink or two without having to worry about driving home. So I will be off to work then a good night.

Love ya <3

P.S. I have a deal going on for my CG commissions. Send me an email ( or FB message or twitter message if your interested! I am only opening 5 spots with one already taken.

1. Domo Brian

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