Friday, April 01, 2011

Sketch 19 - 12 Going On 21

Entali Steelblade aka. Tali. The 12-year-old sister of Damien who's mental state is that of a 21 year old. Because of her mentality,  she's very logical and has no idea how to act her age. She is a black dragon-ling and because of her rarity her brother likes to keep her hidden and protected.

Not too sure about Tali. She's not a productive character in the story but important none-the-less. I've always wanted to draw her though and I'll admit I had a lot of fun drawing that outfit. Sadly not much else to say about this character since her creator barely talks to me.

Today I finally got my BigBang CD. Not impressed with how the items actually arrived. The poster is worse for wear and the CD case was dirty. Oh well I still love it. As well at the gym today I was weighed and found out I have neither gained nor lost any weight, however I have gone down in inches and my body fat percentage. Go me!

Get to see my cousin tomorrow which should brighten my smile. His silly antics always make me laugh. It is April fools day and I have not done any pranks ashamed. But I did celebrate Sakura Kinomoto's birthday with eating a strawberry.

I guess today's will be a short one. Goodnight World ~ love you <3

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