Friday, March 18, 2011

Sketch 5 - Bubbles!

So want a bath! Still might have one. Been a rough week and I am so sore!

Some reason I find it hard to 'sketch' in CS3.... they usually come out looking fairly refined. I need to find a new sketch book so im not tempted to spend 1-2 hours coloring haha. Although I guess the color is good for my fans? Yes? No?  Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone, nothing is shown. Kinda wanted to do something sexy but cute and PG-13 for a bath so yeah. ENJOY!

For someone like me who likes sweets this whole no sugar thing is so hard. I'm not even allowed cheese! And I am a BIG cheese fan. I will succeed! Tired of being the 'fat girl' so to speak.

I finally got my new Rotary machines and they are amazing. Can't wait to tattoo someone with them. Uhg my life is crazy atm. Need to organize my time abit better I think. Anyways, I hope whomever is reading this is happy and well.

Yoi yume yo mina-san!

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