Monday, April 25, 2011

Sketch 43 - Too Cute for Words

A really bad Chiyo-chan from Azu Manga Daioh. I should really stop doing fan art.... It never looks right. haha oh well. If you haven't seen AMD then you should! but take it in small doses. This anime is all over the place weird cute.

So today was eventful. Had lunch with Will and then dinner with my mum, and our friends Richelle and Doreen. Then I got a call from my friend who is the cook for the Canadian Army Edmonton division so I went out for coffee/tea with him and his wife and caught up. Plus finally got the whole video to PSP thing working and talked to Richard and yeah. Good day! Too bad all that running around has my pelvis on fire (not literally ^^;)

Really missing my trainer, Andy. I will have to go visit him after the end of the month! Now with Easter done I should be able to see how much mail I have after the post office being closed for the holiday. Hopefully my CD has arrived!

Well have to work tomorrow so goodnight world! Love ya <3

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