Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sketch 31 - Kinect My Box

X-Box tan! Sorry for not finishing part 3 of bloodline. Had this crazy idea to do a console girl and asked my man and he said x-box... I should have known. But hey whatever, I am more of a Playstation girl myself. So who would want of of these to play with? lol I just might get into x-box more if they had a version like this. I wanted to give her red eyes for the whole ring of death thing but he was very adamant about me NOT doing so. Oh well. Today has been weird.

Did you know that going to a dealer in my part of Canada to get a synthetic oil change cost $93.63.... I almost fell over. My allergies have been torturing me these past few days as well and with the warm weather and all the snow melting we have a few lakes starting just outside town in the farmers fields. Any more and they will flood the highways.

Well time for bed being sick and all. Goodnight world! Love you <3

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