Monday, March 21, 2011

Sketch 8 - Manly Man ... back?

Hmmm where to start with this picture... kinda an inside joke with my partner and friend. Since he is 'across the pond' in England we used to talk to him over the net with web cams all the time. When he'd stretch he'd stick his chest out and my friend and I would say "manly man chest!" He would get all flustered and embarrassed and it was adorable! But like I have mentioned about going to the gym, one of the main reasons is to strengthen the muscle around my bad knee and get fit.

So Richard (my partner) suggested some muscular practice. I have always loved this picture I took of him. His tattoos were annoying to free hand though hahaha. He had short hair then... I like it longer like it is now. Speaking of muscles, mine are so stiff and sore! Need a bath again <3 So goodnight world, I love you!

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