Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sketch 70 - Tattoos Complete!

Cleaning all day yesterday and this morning to prepare for doing these two tattoos! Mother and daughter yellow rose tattoos. I'm quite impressed with myself. This was Shelby's (in pink) first tattoo and did well for it being on the top of her foot! Although the jumping made me mess up a bit, it turned out great considering. Will need some touch ups later down the road to fix the line and the color if needed.

Thought I would post these as my sketch for today because I basically spent the whole day doing the tattoos. Hope you enjoy! I know Cheryl (black) and Shelby (pink) loved them. Anyways I need to be up early tomorrow to take my mom to work so I can take the car for tomorrow because my ride will be going the the doctors. So . . .

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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  1. Just drop us a line if you two ever need a foot rub! My daughter and I are really good at foursomes. (dixie hold on at g mail dot com)

    Love & hugs,
    Sally & Katy